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Can I Book a Seat

Unfortunately we only accept Walk Ins, no Bookings. We have several venues in our little California Lane Community (Not to mention the Laneway itself) who are more than welcome to take care of you while you wait for a seat.

What About Functions?

We would be honoured to host your next function! If you have a larger event we also hire out the entire Lane Way,  or if you're feeling bold you can combine all of the venues and take over the whole strip! We can even organize a DJ, Live music, or PA System for Speeches (Karaoke nights still pending). Send us an email and we will make it a night to remember!

Why Are There Only 9 Cocktails?

We were never set on how many cocktails were going to make the menu. It was always the goal however, that every Signature Cocktail on the menu could be entered into a competition and win. We crafted over 50 9.5/10 cocktails... but we were adamant that every drink was an experience. Seriously, every taste test had someone who would normally HATE the flavour profile, it was up to us to change there mind... Do you know how hard it is to make someone who is allergic to lemon risk there life for a Sour Cocktail... Pretty impressive really, on both sides.

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Can We Split the Bill?

You certainly can. Just keep an eye on that friend who always disappears to the bathroom when the bill comes out.

Is There a Dress Code

While we are relatively relaxed... We would prefer to keep it classy. We don't expect Tuxedos, but we would appreciate a little effort... Last thing you want to do is ruin someones first date because you want to stick it to the system, right?

Do You Only Serve Your Signature Cocktails?

We offer all your standard drinks, classic cocktails and wines. But we do implore that you try all of our cocktails before heading down path vanilla. You can do that anywhere, try our drinks we spent months creating... Please!

How Often Do You Change Your Menu?

We will be rotating our drinks every 3 months. Should a drink be too popular to change however, our menu shall simply get bigger. More incentive to keep buying your favourite cocktail wouldn't you say?

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